Friday, April 13, 2012

"A Mighty Fortress is Our God"

            As I reflecting tonight on my week and really the last couple of weeks on the drive home tonight, the song “A Mighty Fortress” came on the radio. It was then that I realized what God had been teaching me (more like trying to hammer into me)for the last several weeks as I’ve been preparing to go back to Malawi and that was the following two lines of the song:
            “A mighty fortress is our God /  A sacred refuge is Your Name
            I had been worrying about things that needed to be done before I go to Malawi. On some of those things (and some other things in life), I had wanted to give up. A dear friend of mine told me “No matter what obstacles get thrown in your way, pray through it and don’t give on it!” She had encouraged me to seek God in prayer. A couple of weeks later, the same friend told me (in a conversation about prayer) “The devil loves us at our weak points. He hates it when we seek help and prayer.” I realized at the moment and when reflecting tonight, that the Lord was showing me through my friend and the song that came on the radio that He would be my refuge (and my strength) when I sought His sacred Name! And my friend is right the devil hates it when we seek refuge in our God because God gets the glory and not him. Satan can not be the mighty the fortress that God is and he will do everything at his power to keep you from seeking the power that is in God’s name! So, if we give up on prayer (seeking God) the enemy is happy. We must not let satan have this victory! We should not give up on prayer (or asking others to pray for us) because then God wins, and satan is defeated!
            I am thankful for what God taught me through my sweet friend and through the song. I am also thankful that if I have a hard week or if I want to give up on things like school (which prayerfully I will be taking my final next week) that He is and will be my mighty fortress. I pray that this would encourage you as well to continue to seek God in prayer at all times.

Ways to pray for me:
-      -    That I’d continue to remember the truth about prayer and what He has taught me
-       -   My final that I will take next week
-        -  Please pray for the amount that I still need to raise in the next 13 days
-         = That God would continue to prepare my heart & the people of Malawi for what He has in store 
=       for the summer

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