Thursday, August 7, 2014

only one month until i embark on my missionary journey to malawi, africa

 it's hard to believe my missionary to Malawi, Africa is exactly one month away! y'all i have all kinds of emotions. I am beyond excited for what the LORD is going to do in and through this journey. satan has tried to throw a lot curve balls my way this summer and you know that if satan is fighting something he knows that God is planning to do something big..i am nervous...nervous about flying for 17 hours...yes i've done it before but i'll be honest with recent things that i've seen in the news it's given me some worry...nervous about raising the support...i'm hanging on to the promises in Psalm 24:1 that everything in the earth is the Lord's and Philippians 4:19 that God will supply all my needs...i am so full of joy to see the orphans and widows that stole my heart when i was there three years ago..

so now that y'all have a little insight as to how i am feeling about this journey right now...I wanted to share with y'all how God lead me to go on this journey back to Malawi and then share some prayer requests/updates about the journey to Malawi.

first my story on how the Lord called me back to Malawi. I have been praying for the last two years for the Lord to allow me to return to Malawi (either short or long term.) then back in january of this year I began to pray specifically if i were to in september of this year or march of next year. I had a conversation with a friend who is going in september with me and I felt then that God was leading me to the september team but i tried to brush it off and say "nah...its not really the Lord leading me to do this..." so i continued to pray. well one particular saturday i went for a really long run (ten or eleven miles) and for most of that run prayed about if i were to go back to malawi and if i was supposed to go back to malawi if that was to be in september of this year or march or next year. by the time i made it back home...I really felt like again the Lord was saying i asked the Lord to give me a specific sign that night at church (we were having a special saturday night service instead of our sunday night service for some reason that night) at the end of the service as everyone is leaving...I'm talking to a friend who is about to go Malawi the next day...finding out how i could pray for her and telling her that i was praying for (that kind of stuff)...well about mid-conversation she looks at me and asks me "so when are you going back to Malawi? I know its THIS year but when are you going?"  I'm not sure the Lord could have given me a more clear sign than this. This friend knew i had gone to malawi before but did not know i was praying about going back or praying for this year or next year. so when she asked me and said "i know its this year"  i knew i had been given my sign. y'all i had had plans of going with another friend next year in march but the Lord changed it all that night...God was telling me that night i was going back in September of this why am i going back to malawi? I'm going because God answered prayer...I am going back in obedience.  I am going to do what the Lord has prepared for us to do there.

so some prayer requests:
- pray that the Lord prepares our hearts and the hearts of the people we encounter. pray for gospel conversations on airplane rides, in airports, and in the villages we go to. part of what we will do is evagelism in the villages.
- pray for our safety: spiritual: that we are protected from the enemy physical: specifically in traveling and in health (with eating foods our bodies aren't used to and going to a country where Malaria is almost as common as the common cold)
- pray for us all to be fully supported financially. (if you feel lead to give financially to support my journey back to malawi click here ...any gift of any size is greatly appreciated!!)

thank y'all for praying and joining me in this journey to malawi, africa!!