Friday, June 27, 2014

when God did the unexpected

          In October of 2010 God had layed on my heart that He wanted me to start praying about taking a mission trip. I had been on two in the previous year but really felt like God was leading me to pray. So I began to pray. Through much prayer God lead me to go to Malawi, Africa with CrossChurch in March 2011. God did amazing things in and through our team. We were able to serve and see around 200 kids at a pediatric medical clinic and serve the kids and waidows of Esther's House.
         What I did NOT expect was what God would do in the life of my dad through this trip! During a conversation with my dad about me going on this journey to Malawi, my dad said something to the effect of "I can see what your doing is God's work." He then proceeded to give me a financial gift towards my Malawi trip. That was definetely encouraging. But  it was during the rest of my preparation for the journey to Malawi that I saw God continue to change my dad's heart and during this time frame that my dad was saved!
         With Father's Day being just a couple of weeks ago and the 3 year anniversary of my dad's exactly a month from now...I've been reflecting on this a lot. I'm so thankful for the eternal hope that there is  in Christ, the power of prayer, and how God works in unexpected ways!!