Monday, March 18, 2013

why i'm running in a half-marathon

 I run three to four times a week in attempt to train for a half-marathon that is now just less than four weeks away. always proud when I've run a new furthest distance or a better mileage time. but as i was reminding myself why i was running in this half-marathon to begin with, I remembered the pain that running may occasionally frequently causes me. but then i remember it is nothing compared to the pain the children in India are going through. go here to the As Our Own website and you'll get a taste of what i'm talking about. i'm excited to run in my first ever half-marathon but may i never forget why i'm running or going through the training to run this half-marathon which is to raise awareness and support for these hurting children in India.

P.S. click here to find out what As Our Own does for children in India. this link will show you why i am running to raise awareness for these children. it's because of what this organization does for these children.

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